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Jake "HWLL" Howell is a Front End Developer.

I am one of Wodonga & the surrounds experienced Web Designers. I am fortunate to be working with the areas & Australia's most focused and driven. Let's Chat

I understand that it is easy getting online on the modern web. Yet, today, it's about standing out in the crowd. And it starts with more than just a sites design.

I have a centuries experience in the field. I use this to but you and your business in the lead. With my designs development and strategies you're sure to succeed. I’m a driven developer and creative. Working from an agile environment in graphic, print and web.
(and a bit of everything in between — believe me)

Still not convinced?

I've built things in languages and libraries such as..
Javascript (ES6), HTML, SCSS, Python, PHP, jQuery, React, Vue, Node.js, Git, Gulp, Webpack, Wordpress